Click below to download a free sample of the EuroCanals Guides, the guide for 10 waterways in Burgundy/Central France. This brief sample guide includes all features of EuroCanals Guides for the inland waterways of Europe:

1. An overall map of France, highlighting the location of the waterways

2. A detailed map of each waterway, showing towns, ports, rental-boat bases, locks and connecting canals/rivers

3. Dimensions and details of the waterway: length, number of locks, lock size, rise/fall of each lock, water draft, clearance height, operating schedule

4. Elevation chart: provides a profile view of the waterway, emphasizing areas with many locks or those with level sections

5. Large-format photos, included in each guide and as an online slideshow: ports, other moorings, locks, environment

6. Description of significant towns, cities and interesting sights

7. Sources of recommended navigation chartbooks

8. Table showing location of all rental-boat bases in the region

Tom - As someone who recently bought a canal boat and knows nothing about canal boating in Europe, I subscribed to your online library. Last night I spent about five hours reading about the Netherlands — where my boat is now — and parts of France. Your guides are providing me with exactly the kind of information that I've been looking for but not finding, or at least not finding in such a clear and understandable form, in other books on the subject. In particular, I love the suggested routes for each area, as they give order and clarity to what otherwise would be just be an overwhelming amount of information. Thanks, Richard