Canal du Nivernais

The Rhône river is one of the major rivers of Europe, the only inland link between the English Channel/North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It rises in the Swiss Alps.

If you look at the map of the waterways of France, you will see a “tree” of rivers and canals that make up the bulk of the inland waterway network. The dozens of waterways in the north, from the mouth of the Seine on the left to the Rhine on the right, are the branches; the Rhône is the straight, solitary trunk that brings boat traffic south to the Med.

Hello Tom, Thanks so much for all the work you have done over all these years and your freely offered support, it really is very much appreciated. So much so it has enabled a group of complete amateurs to take a 40 foot steel Dutch motor boat from Arnhem to very close to the Med, all via your guides, and we're still going!! Stay safe. John C.