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Seine, Oise and Marne rivers are described in detail in EuroCanals Guide: Northern France.


Seine Basin, France



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The guide "Cruising the Seine and the Canals of Paris" includes:

The final chapter, Flooding, describes the steps that have been taken to manage both low and high water events on the Seine and its tributaries, as well as links to the resources available for travelers to monitor and forecast the status of the rivers.

This new edition is based on the personal experiences of Tom Sommers' eighteen years traveling and living on the Seine, beginning with a year in Paris 2000-2001 and ending with a driving tour in 2017 to discover the interesting sights in the Seine Valley above the limit of navigation and to find the source.

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The Seine river flows 776.6 kilometers from its source in the Cote-d'Or (at St-Germain-Source-Seine, north of Dijon) to the sea at Le Havre. It is navigable from the confluence with the Aube river at Marcilly. From Paris to Le Havre it is France's busiest waterway. Four other navigable rivers flow into the Seine: Yonne, Loing, Marne and Oise; these rivers connect into the inland waterway network of France - north, east, and south. The combined Seine Basin dominates the waterways of northern France. The Seine is unusual in its many boucles, smooth curving loops that cut across the straight-line path to the sea.

Le Petit Andely, Normandie

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