Mosel River at Wintrich

Moselle river in France is described in detail in EuroCanals Guide: Eastern France.

Mosel river in Germany is described in detail in EuroCanals Guide: Cruising the Canals & Rivers of Germany.


The Moselle river in France is busy with commercial barges and the scenery is largely industrial, especially from Metz north to the border. The 40-kilometer section shared by Luxembourg and Germany begins the scenic, twisting Mosel wine region; from Trier to Cochem the river continually twists between steep hillsides covered with vineyards, with many charming and interesting towns.

The source of the Moselle is at 715 meters above sea level at the Col de Bussang on the western slopes of the Ballon d'Alsace in the Vosges mountains. At Épinal the Canal des Vosges comes alongside the river from the southwest and parallels the Moselle until Neuves Maisons, where the wide, navigable portion of the river begins.

The most popular portion of the river is in Germany; the scenery on both sides of the Mosel from the Sauer river in Luxembourg downstream to Koblenz is spectacular; there are often mooring quays for a stop at wineries (below). At Koblenz the Rhein river offers a major waterway to the North Sea or a route south to Basel, Switzerland, or east as far as the Black Sea, via the Main and Danube rivers.


Moselle River, France / Mosel River, Germany



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