Much larger than the barges used for canal cruising, river cruise ships will accommodate 60 to 250 passengers in single or double staterooms. They cover more distance, more quickly and travel the major rivers of Europe. The emphasis is on sightseeing tours away from the vessel, with the ship itself serving as a means of transport and a portable hotel. 
The advantages as compared to rail or automobile travel include a relaxed way to view scenery that is frequently beautiful, while unpacking only once and traveling the entire trip in the equivalent of a pleasant hotel with full services. These ships travel on rivers such as the Danube, Seine, Rhine, Rhone, Main, Elbe, Po and Mosel, as well as the larger canals of Holland and Belgium. Rates are per person, double occupancy, for a one-week cruise. Meals are included, activities and transfers extra.


River Ship Cruises

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