EuroCanals Books are distributed
worldwide by Amazon

In order to provide prompt delivery and low (or free) shipping charges, all EuroCanals books are sold and shipped by Amazon from their various websites around the world. (Note: all books are available in English only.)

Please go to the Amazon website in your country or one nearby; select the link from the list below and copy/share/paste or type in the Search box this ISBN number for "Seine":


Look for the correct book cover and click on it to open the Details page.

Important: Be sure that you are buying from Amazon and not from a third-party book reseller. You can verify this by looking in the order summary panel on the right of the screen; it should include the sentence shown below with each link.

United States Ships from and sold by Amazon.

United Kingdom Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.

Australia Ships from and sold by Amazon.

Canada Ships from and sold by Amazon.

France Expédié et vendu par Amazon.

Germany Verkauf und Versand durch Amazon.

Italy Venduto e spedito da Amazon.

Japan 残り1点(入荷予定あり

Spain Vendido y enviado por Amazon.

Other sites may be available now or soon. If you have questions please Contact EuroCanals