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EuroCanals Guides can help you find boats, canals and moorings like these. Photos show locking techniques and using the boatlifts.

Traveling on your own vessel, at your own schedule and with just your own family or friends, is an ideal way to visit Europe and experience the culture and customs of life in many countries. Cities, villages and countryside are often very accessible by natural or man-made waterways. Cruisers can travel at their own speed and on their own route, stopping almost anywhere to spend a night or a week. You can bring your own affordable hotel right into the center of many major cities, or find a secluded anchorage amidst peaceful surroundings.

You can buy a boat in Europe, transport a boat to Europe or rent a vessel from bases throughout Europe. Use the EuroCanals Guides to find a boat broker, boat builder, rental-boat company, or a winter-storage boatyard. Then use the guides to plan where you may want to cruise and where to make overnight stops and sightseeing visits.

Hello Tom and thank you very much for your excellent guides and info. Having first sailed the canals of Champagne in 1995 in a boat from LeBoat, we have ever since dreamed of spending much more time on the canals of mainland Europe. As we are looking towards retirement, we are gathering all the information we can to prepare for such a period in out lives. In the meantime we have sailed the Canal de Midi and Alsace region to Saarbrucken.

So we have some idea what this is all about, but your guides are fantastic and being a journalist I recommend you on your writing skills. Best regards! Helgi, Iceland

Dutchboat nivhire CCREwhite1100

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